Payment Process

Completing Payments on Muslims’ Essentials:

1.Click on the shopping cart at the top right hand of the website page

2.Click checkout and fill in your details, to facilitate shipping of order

3. Click continue to shipping. Shipping rates should be by default, tagged to your order

4.Select if you would like to add tips to help us grow our business, otherwise click none

 5. Choose if you would like to pay by Bank Transfer (PayNow through Mobile No), Credit Card or PayPal ⇢ then click Paynow (Fastest mode of payment is via Bank Transfer).

 6. If you are unable to complete payment via the credit card button, you may choose to complete the payment through the following method:

(i) Click on PayPal ⇢ click complete payment ⇢ check out as guest ⇢ enter credit card details ⇢ choose No, I don’t want an account ⇢ click Paynow

(ii) PayPal account ⇢ please log in, into your account to complete payment

(iii) Bank transfer ⇢ you will receive a separate email with Pay Now details to complete the transaction

Should you require further assistance, please contact us